// About Me

Being born in Ukraine just when the Soviet Union collapsed, and VHS movies from Hollywood surged, convinced me that John McClane from Die Hard was the baddest MF'er out there. I guess that's what happens when a fragile Soviet little mind gets bombarded with western content.

Back then, surrounded by culture from both sides of the iron curtain, proved to be quite a fertile ground for creative inspiration for days to come.

And to this day, I turn to music, video games, movies and internet culture to find inspiration for any type of creative challenge that I face.

For the past 6+ years I designed solutions to various problems for companies from tech and gaming industries. I observe everything that surrounds us in life, how it's based on certain patterns that I like to identify and deconstruct for each project. This helps me to create visual systems that are designed to be memorable, usable and achieve the desired goal.

I always stay open and receptive to anything that sparks my curiosity, and believe that the more things I know, the more options I create for myself to play around with later.


An updated CV with work experience and current skills will be shared upon request

And let's create something awesome together.

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